why alternative

In the ever-changing world of technology projects, innovation and differentiation are key for successful Manufacturers and Resellers. The “one size fits all” offer, based on inflexible financial products, no longer works for increasingly sophisticated Resellers or their customers.

We offer a fresh, alternative approach, based on tailoring specific contractual solutions, fully financed, to meet individual needs within the UK Public Sector and the Education market.

We spend time understanding Resellers’ and customers’ needs, researching emerging issues and finding appropriate, flexible, alternative solutions. We believe in innovation and customisation. Each project, each Manufacturer, each Reseller, and each Customer is unique. And so are our solutions.

We have expertise across all market places, and work with Global Manufacturers seeking alternative solutions to a pure capital sales.

With education budgets being cut, we have developed a complete range of flexible, cost effective programmes to enable schools to acquire the equipment to provide the best education for their pupils, at a predictable, known price, whilst retaining and building a strong relationship with their existing AV / IT suppliers.

Our programmes have been approved by leading educational specialist lawyers as FIT for purpose and are fully approved by our funding panel.