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Leases for education

As experts in providing funding for education, we are ideally placed to assist educational institutions with finding the best funding solution for their requirements.

We work in partnership with schools to continually ensure their funding needs are being met and their future plans are taken care of. The level of engagement and support is driven by our clients.

We work with all kinds of clients, from small village primary schools and single independent schools, through to large multi academy trusts, colleges and multi-site universities.

From 1st April 2024 Local Authority Maintained schools will adopt a new accounting standard, in line with the wider Public Sector, known as IFRS16. The new accounting standard will see changes to the way that leases are accounted for. Up until now all schools have been prohibited from borrowing and so have only been able to enter into operating leases. The new Class Consent identifies specific items of equipment that schools are still able to procure through leasing, but gives greater flexibility on the leasing structure, with schools now being able to use finance leases.

Changes to Leasing IFRS16

A teacher uses a visualiser to enlarge a book onto the interactive whiteboard so pupils can read with her.

We offer a variety of funding solutions, including leasing, buy-and-leaseback and our one-to-one device programme.


Upgrade your school’s technology, equipment and facilities immediately, without the need to save up your budget to buy upfront.


Room 12’s compliant leasing solutions can be used to fund necessary equipment, meaning schools can spread the cost through affordable fixed rental payments, which can be adapted to suit each school’s budgetary requirements.

Benefits of leasing with Room 12

Consistent classrooms

Refresh all your classrooms at once, so they each have the same technology, allowing teaching to move seamlessly between classrooms and helping IT staff to solve technical issues far quicker.

Easy budget planning

Payments are fixed for the agreement term.

Flexible payments

Pay either monthly, quarterly or annually, to suit your budgetary requirements.

Retain your capital funds

Keep capital available for maintenance and unexpected costs.

Fully complIAnt

Our solutions are fully complaint within the UK Education Sector. DfE approved Leasing Frameworks

Buy and leaseback

Just bought new equipment with your capital budget, but now you need to find additional funds for an unexpected situation? No problem, we can buy the equipment from you, releasing your capital, and transfer it to a funded solution.

A primary school pupil solves a maths problem using an interactive touchscreen board
A school student looks up a book website using an iPad

One-to-one devices

One-to-one device programmes ensure that all children have the equipment required to keep up to date with their learning. With education budgets getting tighter and tighter, leasing arrangements are proving more popular every year. Having the option to pay for the equipment as it is used rather than finding the capital upfront provides you with a much easier way to manage budgets, spreading the costs over several years.

A one-to-one device programme provides a cost-effective solution for providing the latest devices for your students. With a Parental Contribution Scheme, classroom devices are leased by the school and monthly or quarterly rental payments are recovered by payments from parents. With convenient monthly payment terms available over various agreement lengths, a one-to-one device programme can be tailored to your requirements.

Whether your preferred devices are iPads, MacBooks, Chromebooks, Laptops, Surfaces, or other tablets, we can provide you with a full end-to-end solution under one agreement. This will all be managed for you under one portal.


– Reduce upfront expenses
– Keep up the pace with technology
– Easy asset management within the portal
– Simplified Budget Management
– Facilitate learning at home
– Easy administration

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