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What we offer

We work in partnership with public sector organisations and Blue Light services to continually ensure their funding needs are being met and their future plans are taken care of. The level of engagement and support is driven by our clients.

Our innovative leasing solutions can help public sector organisations to make their budgets go further, so they can create the best facilities to support their local communities.

Public sector organisations can lease their equipment and spread the cost through affordable fixed rental payments, which can be adapted to suit their budgetary requirements.

For example, we can support:
– The Police
– The Fire Service
– Local councils
– Government departments
– The Armed Forces
– The Ministry of Defence

A busy public sector office with employees using new computers

Benefits of leasing


We can offer funding solutions for a variety of projects, with our personalised approach.

Retain capital funds

Keep capital available for maintenance and unexpected costs.

Bespoke and Flexible

Our solutions are fully flexible, and payments can be suited to each organisation’s budgetary requirements. For example, we can agree a stepped rental schedule which would allow the organisation to vary their rental payments across the lease term to best fit with their budget.