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Education Leasing: 5 Top Tips

A primary school pupil uses an interactive board in a classroom

Having the option to pay for the equipment as it is used rather than finding the capital upfront provides you with a much easier way to manage budgets, spreading the costs over several years.

However, leasing equipment for schools can appear daunting if your school has not gone down this route before.

We promise you it’s a simple process, which is fully compliant and offers many benefits for schools.

Room 12 are always available to offer support to schools and help them to find a leasing solution which suits their specific requirements and budgetary constraints.

Here are our 5 top tips if you are considering equipment leasing for schools:

1. Determine your requirements first

Firstly, you should create a list of the new equipment your school requires. This does not just include old equipment that needs refreshing, but also new equipment that your students and teachers could benefit from.

For example, tablets are becoming more and more popular within education leasing, due to the value they can add to lessons, as well as homework tasks.

A primary school pupil uses an iPad in a classroom

For each type of equipment, you should consider the features you need the equipment to have.

You should also consider which features are desirable to the school, but are not essential. This will help you to ensure you get the functionality you need, without paying for features you do not need.

2. Allocate a budget

Education leasing enables schools to spread the cost of equipment over a number of years, through fixed payments. Therefore, you should decide on a suitable annual budget for new equipment over the next few years.

Two SBMs calculate their school budget

Don’t be put off enquiring if you don’t have the opportunity to allocate funds for equipment from this year’s budget, as we are flexible and can arrange payments in arrears or stepped rental payments to suit your budgetary requirements.

3. Request as many supplier quotes as necessary

You should still follow your normal procurement process to source supplier quotes. Once you receive your supplier quote(s), simply send them to us for a free, no-obligation leasing quote.

As school leasing involves distributing payments over multiple academic years, it is likely that your school will be able to afford higher quality equipment than you might expect.

Two school leadership staff high five

If you are not sure what equipment would fit within your budget, you could request multiple supplier quotes for different brands of equipment and send them through to us to get a leasing quote for each.

4. Set up a Teams call to find out more

If you have any questions at any point, our friendly advisors would be happy to talk through the education leasing process with you.

We can go through your budget requirements with you in order to find the best solution to support your school to get the equipment they need.

Additionally, our advisors can talk through the options for the end of the primary term of the lease, so you can make well informed future plans about your school’s equipment.

Graphic showing how a call with Room 12 could help school leaders manage budgets

5. Consider other equipment needs

Leasing may be a great solution for your other equipment requirements too. For example, leasing means schools can install equipment now, rather than delaying projects until they have sufficient capital reserves.

Schools have leased several different types of equipment with us, from IT equipment to modular buildings!

We can fund almost any asset, so consider us your ultimate school leasing provider!

A primary school pupil uses an interactive board in a classroom