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Interactive touchscreen board in a classroom

6 Reasons Why Schools Should Lease Interactive Boards

Leasing is becoming increasingly popular for schools, as the sector has realised the many benefits leasing can offer. Interactive boards are one of the most popular assets we fund. By compliantly leasing boards, schools don’t have to delay classroom projects until they have enough capital reserves as they can install their desired boards now and…
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A school pupil holds a leaf

The road to Net Zero for Schools and the wider Public Sector

Back in 2019, the UK Government committed in law to achieve ‘net zero’ greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The Government’s Net Zero Strategy was published last year, committing the Government and wider public sector to lead the decarbonisation transition. For example, the NHS has announced its aim to achieve net zero for Scope 1 and…
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A primary school pupil uses an iPad in a classroom

5 Effective Ways to use Tablets in Schools

Tablets such as iPads are becoming increasingly popular and it is now common to see them being used as teaching tools in classrooms. Many teachers agree that using tablets in schools makes lessons more fun and interactive, meaning students are more motivated to learn. Here are five ways schools can use tablets for education: 1.…
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A primary school pupil uses an interactive board in a classroom

Education Leasing: 5 Top Tips

Having the option to pay for the equipment as it is used rather than finding the capital upfront provides you with a much easier way to manage budgets, spreading the costs over several years. However, leasing equipment for schools can appear daunting if your school has not gone down this route before. We promise you…
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A school astroturf pitch set up for football practice

Why lease an artificial turf Sports pitch?

Sports and physical activity are playing an essential role in the recovery process of many people’s lives after a year of having our worlds turned upside down.  This month is especially significant for all sports lovers with the UEFA Euro 2020 matches in full swing —A delayed tournament that eventually got going on June 11th…
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Two school children smile while looking at LED bulbs.

Benefits of switching to LED lights

More and more of us are aware about the seriousness of environmental conservation and are consciously trying to protect the environment by changing choices and priorities. Innovation in lighting to LED lamps mean that we can all do something to help ourselves and help the environment at the same time. Using our operating leases for…
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A business manager checks his budgets on a tablet

How leasing can help you maximise your school’s budget

Budgeting can sometimes seem like trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. Why is it that budgets never seem to quite stretch as far you need them to? The wish list always seems to add up to significantly more than the capital available. So, the essential priority order can soon disrupt planned…
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A primary school student draws on an interactive touchscreen board in a classroom

Benefits of Interactive panels for schools

Interactive screens (touchscreens) have become a major part of our lives, and this trend shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. But why are they so popular? Here are some benefits of using interactive panels in schools. Increased Interaction The multi-touch capabilities that interactive displays offer mean that more students can get around the…
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